"Even the smallest changes in our production and buying choices can make a difference" 


UK based studio SUPERNATURALS was created after Frances  completed her Masters in 2018 at the Royal College of Art In Fashion and Textiles Innovation. Prior to the RCA Frances worked in the luxury fashion and textiles industry for over 15 years , selling her printed collections to high profile stores worldwide, including Selfridges, Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford Hong Kong and the legendary Colette store in Paris. In 2001 she designed collections of customised recycled garments, resulting in collaborations with Nike  and Dr Martens. In 2002 launched INSIDEOUT and specialized in  digital print collections, that coincided with the introduction of digital print technology.

In the world of fashion and textiles she understands although being creative is key, the development of technology, manufacturing and how this can impact on the worlds natural resources and labour force in a more positive way, must be paramount to the sustainable future of the industry.

SUPERNATURALS is joining forces to create specialist 'slow fashion' products with a sustainable approach. Bringing traditional textiles and technology together. focusing on industry licensing and collaborating with, manufacturers, textile designers, innovators, agitators and engineers to inspire a new sustainable fair trade manufacturing model.

Our aim is to simply contribute to the fashion industry with consideration for our planet and ethical ethos. We create with the ideology that collaboration and ethical design can have a positive impact on the world we live in and how we feel. 

SUPERNATURALS products are sampled and designed in our own innovation textile studio. We are constantly researching new materials to work towards a circular production model with everything we produce. Working with manufacturers that promote and engage in Fair Trade and Sustainable materials.