3D Printed Textiles  

With sponsorship from the The Royal College of Art in 2018, while studying my masters in textiles, I examined the potential of a 3D Desktop printer through the lens of a print textile designer. Using my skills as a textile design practitioner and experience in the creation of luxury fashion fabrics, I looked to reinvent and develop new iterations of traditional textiles processes using 3D desktop printing, such as lace-making, embroidery, and surface pattern.

These two films were created as a trigger for thinking, how the concept of 3D printing could be incorporated into our existing manufacturing model, or how 3D printing could eventually reinvent our relationship with clothing. Maybe being as revolutionary as the sewing machine. By enabling 'printing of clothes to order', manufacturing could be reconfigured.

I am now extending my research at the Royal College of Art on a part-time research PhD studying the potential of 3D Printed Textiles in manufacturing, using iterations of traditional textiles , such as weave, Knit , embroidery and surface pattern.. 

In 2017 I was made an ambassador for Create Education ,fully Sponsored , with the loan of an Ultimaker 3D printer. Thanks to Create Education making this development possible.